Why We Chose to Support a Charity
Part of being a good citizen in my view is using time and resources you have been blessed with to give back to others who have great needs.  There are so many very worthy causes to contribute to that sometimes it is hard to know which will really make a difference.  Many of us give back much in time and in money through our religious affiliations, something I have done my entire life.  I was raised to know the importance of doing all I could to help others in need.
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We have been very blessed in the insurance business over the years and have done various things to contribute toward many worthy causes.  In some cases, there was an opportunity to give time as well capital, but those worthy opportunities seem few and far between and most really only give you an opportunity to put in efforts to raise money not really seeing where and how the money benefits the end recipient.

Who Is “Families Helping Families”?
Some years ago I was contacted to contribute not just money, but time to build a home for a poor family in Mexico. It wasn’t just me they wanted, but they encouraged me to bring my whole family.  So we decided that would be a worthwhile project for our family at the time and told our family that we would lighten what we spent on Christmas this year and contribute those savings to help build a home for a poor family in Mexico. And in addition would be going to Rocky Point Mexico to help many other families in this effort.  Our children, mostly teenagers or older were excited about this adventure having visited Rocky Point frequently for years.

Needless to say we had one of most wonderful family adventures you could imagine.  We worked all day every day for 5 days and, in the end, were able to see the structure we had helped complete and even met the eventual recipient family when it was completed.  It was a wonderful experience and one we always thought we wanted to go back and participate in again.

Why We Chose Them
In deciding what we as a company could do to really make a difference, this organization came to mind.  After much contemplation and discussion with employees, we selected this organization as our major commitment as a company this year and hopefully many years into the future.  It was enthusiastically received by the employees so we have determined to not only have our employees and their families participate, but are inviting all of our agency partners and company partners to come join us in this effort.

Two things really make the difference in selecting this opportunity.  First, it is a commitment of not just money, but also time and effort to come work to help build a small home for a needy family.  Second, I love the inclusion of the family as the contributors in both money and work.  The groups name says it all!  Families Helping Families.  When you see the living conditions of these poor humble people, literally living in a cardboard shack near the railroad track because they can without cost, no running water, plumbing or electricity, it causes you to truly re-evaluate things in life.  It causes your young children to be able to recognize how blessed they are.  It brings much greater perspective on what really is important in life.

Families Helping Families
For me it is all about family!  So the SIAA family which includes all of our members and partner carriers is adopting this project in Rocky Point, Mexico starting this year. We hope to not just contribute money, but actually go work on the projects and contribute labor needed.  There is no greater feeling than knowing your efforts are blessing the lives of another family and then to see the tears of joy as they are able to move from their shack into this simple block home.  It is priceless!

We hope you might consider joining us to participate both financially and working the week we will be going down to work. It will bless your life tenfold from what you contribute in money and time.

Daniel P. Skinner
President and CEO

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If you would like to participate with SIAA in this effort, please contact Lindsay at [email protected]